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This website (hereafter “site”) of the Japan Venture Capital Association (hereafter “JVCA”) is an information service provided by JVCA. Use of this site entails compliance with the terms of use outlined below. Before accessing the information available on the site, please read and understand the terms of use, as further use of the site is considered an acknowledgment of full agreement with the terms of use.

Issues regarding the use of this site

The following actions are strictly prohibited

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Users of the site are solely liable for the inherent risks and responsibilities of accessing the site and using the Internet. The site and other information provided by JVCA regarding its services, products or other matters in no way constitutes any tacit or implicit assurance, intent to award compensation, or approval (including guarantees to honor and hold inviolate inalienable rights and tacit guarantees of the desirability or marketability of provided information) of any kind, nor does such constitute an endorsement of such information found on the Internet as a whole. JVCA is not liable for any costs or damages incurred either directly or indirectly as a result of transactions made under such auspices. Users are responsible for judging for themselves the accuracy, completeness, and benefit of the opinions, advice, services, products and other information generally available on the site or on the Internet. Moreover, users should be aware that while efforts are made to ensure that the data posted on the site is free from errors and other mistakes, JVCA makes no binding guarantees as to this claim.

Copyrights, licensing, and user-provided information

The entire content of the site is protected under the provisions governing copyrights as stipulated in international and Japanese law, and by the regulations of the Japanese Commercial Code. Copyrights, intellectual assets, and trademarks associated with this site are the sole property of JVCA and/or officially licensed third parties. Any attempt to alter, duplicate, republish, download, post, forward or distribute any of the content found on this site (including but not limited to text, graphics, code and software) is strictly prohibited.

Users of this site are permitted to print or download its contents for private, non-commercial use only, bearing in mind that this permission in no way implies alteration or termination of applicable copyrights and intellectual property rights regarding the contents of this site. Users should be aware that any information posted on forums, bulletin boards, newsgroups and other public areas of the JVCA site, emails sent to JVCA, and files and other soon-to-be released media formats (including but not limited to new products, new services, or media for improving products and services) are regarded as having been given to JVCA free of charge with no copyright. JVCA has the right to non-exclusively re-license, duplicate, distribute, transmit, derive products from, and to publicly exhibit and develop said information for its own purposes. In regard to data and other information provided to JVCA, or in the case of advertisements, marketing materials and other promotional materials sent to JVCA, please keep in mind that aside from said information and materials being regarded as having been given to JVCA as stipulated above, JVCA also has the right to use the name of persons providing the information as it sees fit. Be aware that by sending information in any form, JVCA users formally and permanently relinquish any claims to damages stemming from abuse or violation of copyright regarding the content of the information they have provided.


In addition to this site, the name “Japan Venture Capital Association,” as well as publications, contents and services from JVCA, and exclusive trademarks from the JVCA, constitute the service marks of JVCA. The accessibility and design of the site (including the color schemes, layout, and graphics therein) are also considered as service marks of the JVCA. Use of the trademarks of JVCA without its express permission is strictly prohibited. Users should also be aware that product and company names posted or alluded to on this site may in be fact be the registered trademarks of other users.

JVCA’s scope of liability

JVCA is not liable for any incidental, resultant or indirect damages (including, but not limited to, the loss, malfunction or erasure of programs and other data) stemming from the use of the site or from use of any of the information or services provided by the site. JVCA also bears no responsibility for damages stemming from an inability to utilize information and services provided by this site or from delays in providing said information and services.

Even in the event that JVCA or one of its authorized agents is advised in advance of the possibility of damages caused errors, omissions and other inaccuracies present in services, content and information downloaded from the site, JVCA is not liable for any resulting damages.

JVCA bears no responsibility regarding the sites and links to other websites accessible from the site. JVCA is in no way connected to the user’s decision to access any website outside of the JVCA site, nor is JVCA responsible for the operation and maintenance of other websites. Even in the case of websites containing links to the JVCA site, JVCA offers no assurances of any kind regarding the content or use of the website in question.


Users of this site agree to absolve JVCA members, management, employees, agents, contractors, salaried workers and all vendors providing services listed therein from liability of any kind related to injuries, expenditures, damages, and costs (including attorney consultation fees) resulting from violation of the terms of use on the part of users of this site (including inadvertent violations due to negligent or erroneous behavior).


JVCA reserves the right to alter the terms of use of the site without notice. JVCA also retains other rights not specifically stipulated in the terms of use.
The site contains information pertaining to upcoming events and other forward-looking statements regarding JVCA. All such statements represent forecasts and predictions, and do not constitute statements of historical fact. Users are advised that actual events and results may differ materially from prior forecasts and predictions.